Fundraising Opportunities

A Recreation Solution That Works For You and Your Organization

Get rid of the Winter blues and plan a healthy, fun and fitness oriented opportunity.

SPECIAL EVENTS & RECREATIONAL OUTINGS Pick a day that’s best for your organization……if you have a school conference day or weekday that is preferable.
Promote the event to your community.  We will charge our discounted group rate whether you bring fifteen or fifty! Whatever you want to charge over and above the lift ticket price is yours to keep for your organization!
For example, you promote the day (or days) with a $35 lift ticket and the rental and lesson prices listed below.  We charge you $20 or $30 for the lift ticket depending on when you come. You’ll profit for each person who participates.

Our Cost to you:
Lift Ticket: $20 Mid-Week (non-holiday), $30 Weekend and Holiday
Rental Equipment:    $25 Skis/Boots/Poles or Snowboard & Boots (all rentals include a helmet)
Group Lesson              $25  (75 minute lesson)
Food and Beverage options are also available.

Ski and Snowboard Instruction

All of our fundraising groups receive the option of a ski and/or snowboard Instruction as a part of their package.

Our Staff

Our Winter School Staff is trained in accordance to the standards set forth by the Professional Ski Association of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors in order to provide the highest level of instruction to all our clients.


If you have a specific need, we are able to accommodate most requests. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create your ideal fund-raising outing.

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