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We are looking forward to the 2023-2024 season!  We thank all our guests for your loyalty, patronage and being a part of the Thunder Ridge family. We are finalizing our program schedules and pricing for the upcoming season.  Please check back!
  • Employment

    Seasonal Positions Available

    We will soon be hiring for the 2023-2024 season.

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Thunder Ridge family.
    Come join the Thunder Ridge family during the months of December through March.  Full and part time positions available in many departments!
    Weekends and/or Weekdays
    Days and/or Nights
    Flexible Hours
    Employee Benefits:
    Free Skiing and Boarding
    Discounted Equipment Rentals
    Employee Discounts in Ski Shop, Food and Beverages

    Please apply online and wait to be contacted by a Department Manager for an interview. 


    Thank you for your interest in joining the Thunder Ridge family.
    Come join the Thunder Ridge family during the months of December through March.  Full and part time positions available in many departments!

    Positions Available: 

    Ski and Snowboard Instructor 
    Assistant Ski Instructor
    Race Team Coach
    Lift Operator and Attendant 
    Rental Department
    Parking Attendant
    PAID Ski Patroller
    Guest Services – Ambassador
    Human Resources and Bookkeeping Assistant

    Ski and Snowboard Instructor

    Ski/Snowboard instructors help individuals of all ages, learn the basic techniques of skiing/ snowboarding and/or help them improve their skills. They also ensure that the mountain is a safe environment for those using it for recreational activity. Instructors may teach students in groups, which usually contain skiers/boarders of the same ability, or they may teach individuals on a one-to-one basis in private lessons. The instructor plays an important role in creating a great experience for our customers.

    Candidates must

    • Be comfortable with being outside in a variety of winter weather conditions.
    • Be physically fit.
    • Be able to communicate and have a desire and ability to teach.
    • Be familiar with and demonstrate a love for skiing and snowboarding.
    • Be committed to learning on a personal level. We will further train promising candidates. 


    Those interested should be ready to participate in our training program — components of which are zoom meetings, online learning, dryland training and of course on snow training

    Assistant Ski Instructor

    If you enjoy working with young children in the great outdoors, this is the job for you! You don’t have to know how to ski or have ski equipment in order to work this position. The instructor assistant works with instructors to ensure the lesson runs smoothly and that the children are having a great time.

    An instructor assistant’s duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Shuttling children from point A to point B,
    • Helping children execute proper skiing technique,
    • Assisting with setting up and breaking down the Thunder Bolt area,
    • Help children safely load on and off the magic carpet.

    Race Team Coach

    We are looking for experienced skiers with some ski racing background and who understands the principles of teaching and skill development. 

    Race Team Coach qualifications include, but are not limited to:

    • Must love working with kids,
    • Must be a good communicator,
    • Most of all must love the sport of skiing,
    • Must be willing to train,
    • Must be available to travel on weekend and also work Wednesdays and Thursday nights.

    USSA, PSIA, college or club exposure a plus.

    Lift Operator and Attendant 

    Main job function is to load and unload skiers and snowboarders on and off lifts safely while being courteous and helpful to customers.

    Lift Operators responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Load and unload skiers/snowboarders safely,
    • Be courteous and customer service oriented- treat customer with respect and make them feel comfortable,
    • Set up lift areas- including shoveling snow, checking all safety devices, set up and take down fencing, and keeping sheds neat and clean at all times,
    • Check lift tickets on all customers for the current date and type of ticket,
    • Assist customers with any directions they may need.

    Lift Department employees are required to attend two lift training sessions given by the department managers before the season opens.

    Rental Department

    Main job function is to fit boots, skis and/or snowboards to customers.

    Rental Department responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Fit skier/snowboarder properly for boots,
    • Fit skier/snowboarder for proper height, weight and ability to skis/boards,
    • Fit skier for proper pole size,
    • Fit customer for proper size helmet,
    • Keep equipment in good condition – cleaned, waxed and sharpened when returned by customer,
    • Pick up garbage, clean bathrooms, shovel snow from walkways and deck when necessary.


    Skills needed:

    • Basic reading and writing,
    • Must be 18 years or older to be a certified technician,
    • Must be certified by department manager to fit customers to skis.

    Rental Department employees are required to complete four in house training sessions before our season opens.

    Parking Attendant

    Main job function is to direct cars to parking areas while keeping those areas safe for parking.

    Parking attendants responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Direct cars to the parking lots and keep rows and aisles neat and orderly,
    • Keep parking lots and garbage cans clean,
    • Clear snow from parking spots,
    • Salt as necessary to make the lots safe,
    • Direct customers to entrance and area destination points,
    • Must keep all “no parking” areas and “handicap” spots clear.


    Skills needed:

    • Good communication skills,
    • Must be familiar with the ski area and policies.

    Parking Attendants are required to complete a two hour in house training session prior to the first work shift.

    Paid Ski Patroller

    We are currently looking for team-oriented individuals who have a desire to help others in need and be a visible presence on the mountain. Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM



    • Outdoor Emergency Care Technician or EMT, Paramedic, Medical Doctor or Registered Nurse with bridging modules from Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC).
    • Withstand cold and snow conditions.
    • Must be able to lift and move heavy objects.
    • Operate basic tools.
    • Commitment and hours vary and are at the discretion of the Director and COO.
    • Must be able to ski/ride at an advanced to expert level in all types of weather, terrain and snow conditions.


    Main job function is the upkeep, maintenance, and snow creation across the mountain.

    Snowmakers responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Operate snowmaking equipment for the creation of manufactured snow from water resources.
    • Adjusting, turning, or moving of snow guns to various areas on the mountain.
    • Conduct regular maintenance checks on equipment.
    • Shovel snow, remove snow around snowmaking equipment and other areas around the mountain as needed.
    • Work safely in close proximity to heavy equipment, high voltage and high water pressure.
    • Work evening and night schedules when optimal temperatures provide the best snowmaking.

    Skills needed:

    • Knowledge of basic mechanical skills,
    • 18 years of age or older,
    • Punctual and prepared to preform work duties on time,
    • Must be able to work weekends and holidays,
    • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions,
    • Able to walk and physically negotiate steep and variable terrain with our difficulty and assistance on a regular basis,
    • Able to push, pull and lift substantial amounts of weigh on a frequent basis.

    Office staff – Ticket Booth, Snow Sports School Office, Ski Shop

    Ticket Booth – sell lift tickets, process rental equipment in an efficient and accurate manner.  Sell and process season passes.  Answer phones and provide information to guests.  Sell and redeem gift cards.

    Snowsports School Office – sell lift tickets, process and sell rental equipment, sell and process lesson and season passes.  Answer phones and provide lesson information to guests. Take lesson reservations and input into reservation system.

    Ski Shop – sell merchandise, price and restock merchandise.  Provide inventory as needed.  Sell and process season passes.

    Skills required for all Office Staff:

    • A pleasant disposition and enjoy working with people.  Patience with guests and desire to serve them with courtesy and efficiency.
    • Efficiency and willing to learn computer systems.
    • Answer phone on first or second ring in a friendly manner and give accurate information as needed.
    • Process credit cards and cash payments accurately.
    • Provide accurate information to customers over the counter in a courteous and pleasant manner.
    • Input data into computer.
    • Keep workstation neat, clean and free of clutter.
    • Be willing to help out in other areas when needed.

    Welcome and meet and greet guests in a friendly and informative manner.

    Guest Services – Ambassador

    Main job function of the Ambassador is to direct guests to the appropriate area for lift ticket pick up, rental equipment, lesson check in, food services, restrooms, etc.

    Ambassador responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Be educated and informed to be able to answer questions. 
    • Explain to guests rules and regulations to be followed if necessary.
    • Assist guests as needed, whether arriving, leaving or while at the mountain.
    • Be flexible and willing to help out in other areas when needed.

    Skills required:

    • A pleasant disposition and enjoy working with people.  Patience with guests and desire to serve them with courtesy and efficiency.
    • Willingness to learn detailed information about the ski area in order to provide correct information. 
    • Willingness to work outside in varied weather conditions.

    Kitchen Cashier

    Cashier basic job function is to accurately ring up customers purchases, take their money and give them proper change while being courteous and helpful.

    Cashier responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  

    • Be courteous and helpful to customers.
    • Ring up proper prices of food/beverage, total and give proper change.
    • If customer is using a credit card as form of payment; run customers credit card through cc machine, have customer sign receipt and put signed original in bottom of drawer.
    • If customer is using a gift card as payment; run gift card through credit card machine to check balance and apply payment to gift card. Keep gift card receipt in drawer.
    • Get change when needed. (ones, fives, quarters, dimes, etc.)
    • Money must balance to tape for your shift.
    • “z” out at the end of the shift and deliver money and receipts to ticket booth. (minus the bank left for next shift)
    • Leave bank in drawer after shift in the correct denominations.
    • Restock candy, coffee & soda cups, sugars, stirrers as needed.
    • Make coffee when needed.
    • Keep station and counters around coffee machine clean.
    • Keep floor clean, dry and free of any food and liquids.
    • At the end of the day make sure all tables are clean, the floors are vacuumed and the garbage bins are emptied with liners replaced for upstairs and cafeteria level.
    • Take reservations and seat incoming guests 

    Skills: basic math skills a must. 

    Kitchen Busser

    Kitchen busser/food runner basic job function is to keep the food line and cafeteria neat and clean at all times. 

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Be courteous and helpful to customers.
    • Wear gloves at all times.
    • Accommodate customer whenever possible.
    • Restock soda, coffee, condiments when needed.
    • Keep food line and cafeteria neat and clean at all times.
    • Empty garbage cans and recycle bins when full.
    • Keep the floor free of garbage.
    • At the end of your shift be sure the daily checklist is complete.
    • At the end of the day make sure all tables are clean and sanitized.
    • All floors are to be vacuumed and the garbage bins are to be emptied, with liners replaced for the upstairs and cafeteria level.
    • Help customers order with app or iPad.
    • Bring food to customers’ table. Clean and sanitize table when vacated.
    • ​Empty and clean coffee urn and clean and refill hot chocolate machine at end of night.

    All kitchen employees must attend cooking safety, food handling and sanitation training given by department manager.

    Human Resources and Bookkeeping Assistant 


    • Collecting paperwork needed in the hiring process
    • Maintaining current employee files
    • Create Time Cards for newly hired employees
    • Ensuring that employees complete the required training
    • Replenishing starting banks on a daily basis
    • Replenish cash (bills and coins) as needed in the Cafeteria, Bar and Ticket    Booths as needed
    • File all paid invoices and maintain files by vendor
    • Inputting data into the computer



    • A pleasant disposition and a willingness to learn
    • Must be organized
    • Must be comfortable working on a computer with Word and Excel worksheets
    • Must be comfortable interacting with employees, managers and customers.
    • Must be able to prioritize tasks and manage several projects at once.
    • Be willing to help out in other areas when needed

    Wait Staff

    Wait Staff basic job function is to greet all customers coming to restaurants and administer orders whether it is on line or tableside. 

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Answer all customers’ questions regarding ordering and payment procedures.
    • Maintain knowledge on available items on menu and side dishes and ensure optimal level of services to customers.
    • Assist customers to select appropriate side dishes and drinks and communicate any special requirement of staff to kitchen.
    • Ensure appropriate record of all customer order to ensure no discrepancies in billing.
    • Provide assistance to customers and ensure optimal level of satisfaction in restaurant.
    • Provide assistance to supervisor and busser in all cleaning and sanitation jobs necessary.
    • Develop and maintain friendly relationship with patrons.
    • Manage customer queries and ensure appropriate resolution of all customer queries.
    • Coordinate with kitchen staff and customers and ensure timely delivery of all services.